Tax Review Services


Main purposes of our tax review is to identify potential tax risk points as well as tax saving opportunities for the Customer.

This type of our services presumes review of tax calculations and tax returns filed by the Customer, as well as verification of the primary documents such as contracts, invoices, bank payment documents, business trip lists, certificates etc. (selected on a randomly basis) for the particular period agreed in advance. We will analyze level of compliance of the tax calculation methodology adopted by the Customer with the statutory requirements and tax risk and saving points.

Our tax review services include, but not limited to, reviewing below tax liabilities of the Customer:

Profit tax

Value added tax

Withholding tax

Personal income tax

Social insurance contributions

Other taxes (asset, road, simplified taxes, etc.) as may be required.

As a result of the tax review we will issue a written report containing our findings and recommendations on the best way of addressing them.