Tax Advisory Services

One of the biggest challenges for taxpayers is effective management of their taxes in a way that aligns with overall business objectives and operations. To improve your tax management procedures AYMAX can provide you with the advice on a broad range of tax matters, including:


Advising the Customer on following areas of taxation, such as:

•  Corporate taxation

•  Individual taxation;

•  International taxation and structuring. 


Providing tax and legal support during audits/inspections performed by the state authorities (Ministry of Taxes, SSPF, etc.), including the following: 

Assistance related to the correspondence with the state authorities; 
Arranging meetings with the state authorities' inspectors; 
Preparation of the documents and information requested by the auditors; 
Review of the documents (decrees, instructions, etc) issued by the state authorities in respect of the audits/inspections;
Preparation of the appeals against the acts of the inspectors. 

Other tax advisory services, including:

Development of tax accounting policy;

Review of commercial contracts from taxation standpoint;

Obtaining of certificates from the Ministry of Taxes, confirming payment of (different) taxes;

Other tax related matters.