HR Services

Consulting on different areas of labour legislation, such as:

Acceptance for employment; 
Conclusion and termination of labour contracts; 
Salary and related payments; 
Advising on preparation of different documentation required by the legislation, etc. 

HR review services, including:  

Review of labour contracts; 
Review of calculation of payments related to base salary, bonuses, as well as unused vacation and medical sickness; 
Review of other HR related documentation, such as orders, business trip certificates, sick leave lists, etc. 

Outsourced HR services, including: 

Preparation of labour contracts to be signed with employees;
Advising on preparation of internal orders related to employment issues;
Support on purchasing of labour books, if required;
Maintenance of regular records to the labour books, as appropriate;
Maintenance of vacation records and determination of the unused vacation balances for the end of employment year for each employee;
Advising on payments to employees payable for already used and outstanding vacation periods;
Maintenance of documentation for business trip and medical sickness.