Staff Secondment Services

Successful development of any business is dependant on human factor, which is expected to be qualified, competent and professional staff composition. Nowadays it becomes very difficult to find required level of labor in accounting and finance and it significantly affects labor costs of a business. Therefore, AYMAX offers Staff secondment services to keep you out of spending time on back office tasks.

Under a simple service arrangement we can provide professional staff to be employed by you at your premises for a full day.

Job results and deliverables performed by the seconded staff is controlled and managed by AYMAX. Use of our Staff secondment services allows you to:

   Attract the right caliber of accounting professionals
   Decrease direct employee costs, such as personal income tax and social insurance contributions
   Avoid problems with staff turnover and retention
   Control our staff seconded to you full day
   Manage risks and liabilities.

By providing our staff we support your business, leaving you to specialize in growing your business.