Payroll Processing Services

Below we provide brief summary of tasks to be covered by our payroll processing services:

Analyzing residency status of expatriate employees and advising on the best way of incorporating them into the local payroll to pay minimum taxes;

Calculation of payroll based on the information provided by the Customer on a monthly basis;

Calculation of regular and unused vacation payments, bonuses, overtime payments, etc. for payroll purposes;

Analysis of expenses incurred by employees and reimbursed by the Customer for PIT and SIC purposes;

Calculation of PIT in accordance with the effective tax legislation;

Calculation of SIC in accordance with the effective legislation;

Calculation of sick leave allowances and submission to the SSPF in the format stipulated by the legislation;

Preparation of payment orders of salary and other related payments to the employees based on the information  provided by the Customer;

Provision of calculated payroll information to the Customer in the form and timeframes agreed upon by the parties.