Set-up and restoration of accounting function within the business

    Set-up of accounting

We are experts at setting up accounting function to quiet the “chaos” in your business. Our specialists handle all the accounting details and information submitted to us and gets your books completed on a real-time basis. We set up operating reports enabling you know where your business is on a daily basis and can make important decisions that will increase profit and make your life easier.


    Restoration of accounting

Certain areas of financial and tax accounting can be neglected in the company's activities. Failure to meet a date of reporting or mistakes in accounting can lead to substantial financial losses in a variety of sanctions and penalties as a result of tax authorities audit. Furthermore, the lack of reliable accounting data can make the operational work of the financial department more difficult. Financial and tax accounting analysis and restoration can reduce financial losses and simplify the work of company’s financial services.


Our experienced professionals can support you on restoring your accounting with performing the following:

Recording missed primary data into your accounting books;

Analyzing and advising you on taxes payable;

Submission of tax returns and other reports other state bodies.