Accounting Services

Current business environment is full of challenges for companies from an accounting perspective as shareholders, state authorities and other related parties demonstrate a greater interest in how companies report, disclose and communicate their financial results.


Although the accounting and finance is one of the core functions for every business, with the main focus on specific industry needs and increased scrutiny on financial reporting requirements, many businesses are often hard pressed to manage these additional requirements.


Our Accounting specialists can provide you with a very reliable support in ensuring that your business can meet the reporting requirements. A team of experienced professionals within AYMAX can help you to meet such demands. 


What We Offer To Meet Your Needs On Accounting? 

       Bookeeping services (read more...)

       Staff secondment services (read more...)

       Payroll processing services (read more...) 


What Is Your Benefit?

As our Accounting services client you will benefit from: 

      Our team of experienced professionals 

      Mitigation of potential risks through improved controls and documentation  

      Consultations and examinations  

      Improved processes and efficiency  

      Better control over your accounting function  

      Greater confidence in financial reporting  

      Increased collaboration within the finance function and business units.  


We can arrange for working of our specialists both in-home and in your office depending on your particular needs and requirements.  


We can also assess your business practice with a clear eye and intervene before problems turn into violations.


Gaining better control over your finance function will enable you to focus on more strategic aspects of your business.